Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ah, the Wild West

We made it to Colorado Wednesday night after a fairly straight through drive. Except for the insane blowing snow on a pass in Wyoming. Met some really interesting (but nice) people in Ogden, Utah. Including an old lady who wanted to drink beer with us....? Some interesting species seen:
Ferruginous Hawk
Northern Harrier
Pinyon Jays
Rough-legged Hawk
Prairie Falcon
American Kestrel
Red-tailed Hawk (two Harlan's)
Golden Eagle
We are staying here in Boulder with our friends Pat and John (my dad went to high school with John). They have a German Shepherd, a cat and llamas. It's been very windy but today we went on a long bike ride through Boulder Open Space (wow, they use their natural areas way better than Seattle/WA State) and saw a very dark RT with a snake, prairie dogs, kestrels and some gadwalls. We're going to look for birds tomorrow. I hear there are ptarmigan and boreal owls in the mountains around Boulder but I doubt we'll make it up there. More later!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I never thought I'd have a blog but here we are. I just put some photos of the team up. I'm about to leave for a three week trip to Colorado and Texas so I probably won't have time to update for a while. Stay tuned for what promises to be many interesting and insane adventures.