Sunday, January 4, 2009


I've been out hunting the last couple days and although it's much too long to write all the adventures out here, we've been having them! Snow Geese, Towhees and an American Bittern have been the recent highlights along with the rabbits of course. The goshawk chased a quail today. Pretty exciting. Chase has caught 2 rabbits and a vole in the last couple days. Hooray for rabbits.


JustRingingBirds said...

aHi again. Your hawk (and you) are doing a good job. Falconering is forbidden in sweden. So I can't practis that. I probably whould do it if it was legal. I was a ordinary hunter before I moved down to Stockholm in the early -90.
I actually support the ban falconering now. Nearly all the big falcons, eagles and olws where extinct in scandinavia. Due to poision, hunting, egg collectors and scrupulus falconers. Mainly foreign falconers, or people who collect and sell to falconers.
It haven't been a big thing in sweden.
It's sad what people can do for money.
Because of the ban it have help to restore the bird of preys. White tail and golden eagle. Peregrin and gyr falcons are increasing in nubers and there is good hope for all of them. Up north where I have the CES project, there was the first succesfull nesting for forty years 2007 and three nestings last year. ( one very close the CES area)So that's feels good. So if the populations gets stable and work on attitudes among hunters(and falconers) maby the ban can be lifted in a decade or so. We will see.
But if I have a chance to participate abroad on a hunt with hawks or falcons, I'll take it.
Good hunting now.

FeralBirdGirl said...

Glad to hear the raptors are increasing. Here in the US falconers are very involved in endangered species projects, breeding projects, habitat restoration, game restoration, etc so that is great. I didn't realize it was not legal in Sweden but I know it is legal in UK, etc.

Scott said...

Simone, I'm serious.... when are we getting married? You're killing me!

Really, I just looked at your profile and it's just plain stupid how much we have in common. We need to talk more.

I can't believe you're a fan of homestarrunner and teen girl squad. You're so funny. All the other stuff was expected, but that made me laugh. (of course, I am too...)

And a lot of your favorite music meshes with mine. Too weird...
Are we siblings, separated at birth or something?

Ron said...
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Ron said...

I left this comment on my blog: "I don't remember a comment from you, but glad you got through this time. The plants are on the east and south sides of the lake but the difficulty is getting out to the floating bog. You would certainly need boots and probably waders and it would be better if you knew where to cross to the floating bog (about midway down the road on the east side of the lake on a bunch of floating boards and sunken logs). We will be going there some time in the near future if you'd like to meet us there and let us show you around." Your blog is fascinating and I would love to see your birds hunting sometime.