Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, all this talk of bird banding/ringing has made me dig through my photo albums. I've posted a few highlights of my bird banding over the years:

Mountain Chickadee
Idaho Bird Observatory

Immature female Northern Goshawk
Entiat, Washington

Immature male Merlin Idaho Bird Observatory

Barred Woodcreeper
La Selva, Costa Rica

Female Long-eared Owl
Ninepipes National Wildlife Refuge

Pair of Long-eared Owls
Ninepipes NWR

Common Paraque La Selva, Costa Rica

Male White-collared Manakin
La Selva, Costa Rica
(they are incredibly strong for their size,
the males especially because they dance ALL day)


JustRingingBirds said...

I give you one word! Envy! What a collections of birds! And places! You have done the right thing. Taking the chance to see all this juvels and to hold them in the hand. That is more rewarding than a paycheck. So how many species have you banded? It's the only ticks that I keep track on myself. I have about 90. Depending if you count races.
On your question earlier. I main activity is is on Landsort Bird Observatory. I spent 8 weeks in total there this year. It's a non profit bird club who runs the observatory. As all birds clubs( or nearly any social activity i sweden) are non profit and some times supported by the goverment or local councils.
And for a few times I went for a week to Eggegrund Bird Observatory. It's on an island as well. But no regular boat traffic to the island. So you have to stay a week. So 2007 in the autum I spent a week there alone. No one to interfere. Just me and the birds. And 10 stupid sheep! Who run around the nets. They nearly drove me nuts. Anyway, I managed to keep them clear of the nets.
I banded more than 1000 birds. It was an ok total.
Then I have a private permit for my CES project up in the north, where my parents live. I started there so I can visit them sometime. Otherwise I just go to Landsort.

Manakin! I realised suddenly! You are a dead ringer to the girl who mimic the moonwalk of the manakin on Youtube.

FeralBirdGirl said...

It has been very rewarding! Wish I could do it more often but I'm not complaining! I have not kept a list of how many species I have banded but it must be over 100 now between all those places. That island sounds really fun and amazing (except for the sheep). More than 1000 birds, that's great. What is a CES project?
Yes, I have heard that about the manakin girl on YouTube!! I saw that species of manakin in Costa Ricaa but unfortunately it was not dancing!

JustRingingBirds said...

CES stands for Constant Effort Site. 12 times under may to august three times per month. Max 6 hours and min 4 hours per time. And for at least five years. That are your committment. Than you get a private permit. The only Private permits that you get now. And of course you have to be a experiant ringer. Close to the US MAPS project I think.

Don't take offence to me compering you to the manakin girl. I saw an longer version later and you're not that like. Just your lovely hair that's resembles of her. I hoping to see all of these juvels myself one day. And perhaps ring them as well.

It must be a challenge for ecery bird down ther. No good litterature for banders I think.

FeralBirdGirl said...

Ah, the CES project sounds great and yes, like the MAPS project.
Oh yes, I think it is mostly the hair with the "other" manakin girl!
We use the Pyle Guide for North American birds but there is nothing of that sort for Central American birds, that I know of at least!
Happy Banding!