Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy days

The birds and I made it back to Washington after a whirl-wind three weeks on the road. We had an awesome time, saw some amazing sights and best of all, caught a lot of game. One of my main reasons for traveling so far was to get more game under my birds and it paid off! Cricket caught four cottontails (and got a lot of good experiences) and Chase caught eight cottontails and a (@*%&@$*@#( JACKRABBIT! His first ever and he had it under control to boot. I met some great people and birds (and dogs!) and look forward to next year.
Now that I'm back in Washington it's hard to get excited about hunting the thick and thorny cover here, especially without anyone else to help! There were always a few people along to help beat brush at NAFA but now it's mostly solo hawking again. I wouldn't mind solo hawking (I'd prefer it in most cases) but with the rabbits so hard to get moving it's pretty frustrating.
We'll see what the next couple months of hawking bring. It's supposed to snow this weekend and I love hawking in the snow.

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