Wednesday, December 24, 2008

snow, Snow and SNOW

I measured 17" of snow this morning in the front of our house. Tried to chase bunnies in this stuff a few days ago. Had some flushes but none in the bag. Now it has snowed so much that it is pretty much impossible to get the rabbits moving. The birds are restless, which makes me restless. But at least the snow is nice to look at and fun to play in. I still wish I was back in Texas. I saw a merlin in the neighborhood yesterday and today there was a Hermit Thrush and Red-breasted Sapsucker. More snow in the forecast for tonight. Oh, joy.


Catnapping said...

dang. you took our snow!

i wish your storm had moved a little farther east before dumping all that good white stuff.

we got some...finally...about 8 inches, but i was really hoping for a couple of feet.

hope your winter is filled with days of hot cocoa.

JustRingingBirds said...

Hi there! Hope you put in more of your hunting pictures with the hawk. Looks interesting. I noticed that you have snow, an a lot of it, on christmasday. We are not so fortuned where I am living. Enjoy it! ( If you don't have to take it away.) Will keep looking in to your blogg. Have a nice weekend.

JustRingingBirds said...

Hi again! ha ha! It took me awile to figur out your blog title. I thought it was latin for a species. Caveat lector!

FeralBirdGirl said...

The snow is finally starting to melt and I drove my car for the first time in 15 days! JustRinigingBirds-I've done a lot of bird banding-looks like you're having fun!

JustRingingBirds said...

Yeah! It's fun to band birds. The best thing I've done. I haven't done it for so many years because of other interests. But I skippt the other hobbies and comittment so now it just banding birds. I love it. I'm going north to my parents for a visit in the new year. And I will band some birds on their garden feeding. I usully get between 40 to 70 bird in two hours banding.It's cold up there and I have not a warm place to be in when I band. Yet!
And this evening when i drove my train I crackt one of your hidden codes on your blog. I was wandering what Tularemia was. You have humor, I must say. Team hare plauge. So now I'm listening to Roy Orbison,s Mystery Girl.

FeralBirdGirl said...

Haha, glad you are enjoying some of the hidden meanings in the blog. I really do have rabbit/hare fever! You kind of have to when your birds love hunting them!